How to Rent?


Golf club rental Requirements

◆Japanese ( Golf Insurans Holder )

※1.We will take photocopy of your passport or Identity Card.
※2.Generally, players’ insurance is mandatory at most golf course in Malaysia however some golf course do not have this rules. We recommend you to have player’s insurance in that case.

About Golf Club

◆One day rental will be charged even though you only play for half day.
(Please note that : There are no half day charges )

◆ Payment can be made after the play.

● Golf Club Rental Fees

One night Two nights Three nights Four nights Five nights Six nights Seven nights Eight nights
RM150 RM300 RM450 RM600 RM750 RM900 RM1050 RM1200

※RM150 per night will be charge for extension.

◆Golf clubs must be return to us within our operation hours. (10:00-21:00)

※Excess fee will be charged if the clubs are return after our operation hours.

◆ Customer have to take full responsibility on the clubs.

◆IF, the clubs are damage when golf playing

※1. The customer have to pay the damage cost
※2. Please ask our staffs on the damages cost.

Flow of the golf club rental

Visit our Shop

Choose your ideal golf clubs. Log in to our website, click into “Golf Club Rental” to check on the terms & requirements.

Rental through phone is acceptable but we are strongly invite you to visit our shop for the rental inquiry.

Choose your ideal clubs Books for your rental period

Please come back on the pick up date / 1st day of the rental period

Our staffs will make a photocopy of your passport / Identity Card.

Customer is require to participate the clubs condition checking with our staffs.

Please sign on application form.

Payment receive.

Clubs Rental Begin

Please come back on returning date with clubs

Customer isrequire toparticipate the clubs condition checking with our staffs.

Our staffs will sign on the application form to confirm the rental period is end.

Thank you very much for using our service. We hope see you again.