Trade in Services


How to sell your Golf club to J-Golf

Taking your clubs to our shop

Please take clubs you want to sell to our shop.

Passport or Identity card is need show to our staff.

Checking condition by our staff

Our staff will check on the golf club condition and /or any damages like scratch and etc.

Checking Point

Damage club itself Condition of grip
Scratch of club head and etc.

Our purchase price is follow Japan Current Market

We will buy your club at right price matching against Japanses Market.

We will buy your golf clubs with the both parties agreed purchase price.

Purchase Established!

Cash Payment when you agreed on our purchase price.
Your signature is needs on the agreement.
Whole process will take 10 minitues with no
complicated/special case. Please do pay us a visit with
your golf clubs.

Imprtant Notice

By the way ...

Your’s club will become high quality used clubs
under our staff’s professional refurbish.